Software differences

Questions on Palette and Light Palette operation and features
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Software differences

Post by MattKlasmeier » Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:55 pm

Is there a difference between the Light Palette and Palette OS? Just wondering since both are listed on the Strand website.

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Re: Software differences

Post by gooze » Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:37 pm

There is no difference. Basically it is a big mess on the Strand website (noticed the little asterix were they say you should instal the New Shell first?)
There are two different desk families that share the same software: LightPalette and Palette. To make things more complicated "Light" doesn't stand for "slimmed down", but for the thing that glow..., so that is the big one... It is black... light.... The other, the Palette comes in a few different tastes, the most common of which is the ClassicPalette. But all of them are silver.
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