User submitted ideas for how we can make the Palette and Light Palette Consoles better
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Post by KarelBartak » Tue Feb 05, 2008 6:02 pm

Think about following situation. You have in your rig some moving lights (framing profiles) that are not holding same position between more switch off and on again. Difference is small, but not on distance of 25m when you need exact focus. It is 100% problem of fixture, but can not be fixed. When started, fixture is holding its position perfectly. Can we now, (or add in future) do some update command where we will change position in presets by for example +5 or -1.8 degree? Simply on some focus find, how big the difference is and then update it to whole show. I did not test it against real fixtures, but lets think about it as about new feature. If this idea is completly wrong, forget it, but I feel it could be handy for rental an touring (even if we need to update few more groups to explain console "how much" wrong is the position). It is better to repair 4 focuses than 100...

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Re: Update...

Post by BrianEvans » Tue Feb 05, 2008 6:10 pm

Is what you are describing different from what we already have with "Fixture Offset"?

It is under "Tools", you can do what you describe if I read correctly.

It is on the 2nd page of Tools, so you'll need hit "S12 (More)".

You can put the fixture at +5 Pan, +1.2 on Tilt, stor the Fixture Offset, then voila, your palettes are pretty darn close.
This is also handy when a greenhorn hangs a mover backards, or worse, 90 degrees off, etc.
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Re: Update...

Post by RobHalliday » Wed Feb 06, 2008 7:13 am

Hi Karel,

The situation you describe sounds like exactly the situation that Fixture Offset was designed to deal with - from my point of view, I wanted it for touring where the pros booms had to be rigged in a slightly different orientation, all of the lights rigged there ended up pointing into the audience, and I spent the first hour of the focus session just panning them back onto stage and updating each focus in turn. Very tedious.

Fixture offset doesn't actually update your palettes - it applies the correction in the patch (I believe) so you don't have to update anything. You'd probably have one line up position, set the lights to that posistion palette, pan/tilt them so they were pointing back to the right place, then store the fixture offset as Brian describes.

The result may not be spot on for every focus - though I bet it would be pretty close in every case. The time you spent manually updating each focus could instead now be spent checking the ones you really care about. Plus because you haven't touched the focuses you don't have to 'undo' all of the changes if you go to the next venue and the lights end up being rigged correctly again (though I'm hoping that in time there will be an option to apply the changes permanently to the palettes if you wanted to).

I believe this is not limited to pan and tilt either - ie. if the lights end up rigged a bit further away you could correct the iris or zoom settings so that the lights still ended up being the right size.


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Re: Update...

Post by AlanMartello » Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:51 pm

RobHalliday wrote:I believe this is not limited to pan and tilt either - ie. if the lights end up rigged a bit further away you could correct the iris or zoom settings so that the lights still ended up being the right size.
Rob is exactly correct, it can be applied to any numerically linear attribute (zoom, iris, focus, shutter thrust, shutter angle, etc.). In the interest of full disclosure, the basis of the idea was Rob's who challenged us with the problem and we came up with a solution.
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