An interesting read

User submitted ideas for how we can make the Palette and Light Palette Consoles better
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An interesting read

Post by jgoss » Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:41 am

I'm posting this article for all of the various individuals that are involved in the software & console hardware development. Hopefully some of the information in the article will be applied to future releases.

One of the most interesting snippets from the article:
Researchers in Japan setup two ATMs, “identical in function, the number of buttons, and how they worked.” The only difference was that one machine’s buttons and screens were arranged more attractively than the other. In both Japan and Israel (where this study was repeated) researchers observed that subjects encountered fewer difficulties with the more attractive machine. The attractive machine actually worked better.
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Re: An interesting read

Post by RobertBell » Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:25 am

Neat - Thank you.
The funny thing is that when we converted from Marquee to Palette, there was a call to reduce the eye-candy. As I've done the graphic design on both systems (and I'm not a graphic designer), there were things I liked about each, but in their own environment. MQ's screens were too bright for a dark theatre, but gave much more information (tracking symbols, FX icons, level indicators, toolbars etc.). Some die-hard Strand users actually asked for Courier Font (mono-spaced) and no graphics at all (al la 500). I think we're getting closer to a useful balance, but still is lots of room for improvement. One of our current limiting factors is the development tools we're using. Continuing to move forward on features and bugs whilst changing the core development tools has proven to be a huge undertaking, but that is our ultimate intention.
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Re: An interesting read

Post by gooze » Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:44 am

Not all to offend anybody... I think with the transition from Horizon to Strand the call was to reduce the Christmas-tree-like appearance of the user-interface. There is a small difference between eyecandy and bells and whistles ;) . In my opinion eye candy could as well be an almost empty screen.
Maybe it is good that you are not a graphic designer. I think the hardest job ever for a graphic designer is to make a design that is used by other designers and technicians. Those would be the toughest customers I can think of!
I have already heard comments on the user interface, that it makes them a bit sad, the dull rust colour and all... I see it as an extra impulse to make the stage look nice and bright! Keep on the good work I would say.
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