Questions on Palette and Light Palette operation and features
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Post by TaineGilliam » Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:23 pm

Can we please get a description of each of the Input options in Patch Routing:

Sub Levels

Channel Patch

Snapshot Tool

Output Re-Route

Output Patch

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Re: Input

Post by RobertBell » Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:00 pm

You know what - I tried to get this working today with Shownet and had an issue (running 10.4) Gary is working on it. I believe the INPUT selections in the combo box are now redundant.

Basically, in Patch by Output, Patch By Fixture and Look, there is an INPUT softkeys that allows you to specify a protocol and an Absolute address (XDMX). There should be no need to configure the inputs via the routing.

Snapshot is a bit tricker. It is a TOOL that will put deltas on fixtures which share the exact same patch as the desk. So, if you want to 'grab' the DMX levels from an old desk (say a Hog II), patch your Palette to the same DMX as the old show, initiate the Snapshot tool and the Univeral Attribute Control will do the inverse kinematics on the DMX to give you deltas in degrees, hertz, rpm etc.

This is not a full descritpion (obviously). Strand will be updating the manual.
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