Patch Questions

Questions on Palette and Light Palette operation and features
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Patch Questions

Post by AmberTomlin » Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:33 am

This post is from an email I recieved yesterday.

I've posted it here so we can all add ideas and comments.... I've answered the rest of his email already!

"How can I unpatch an individual output? I've imported a show file which has multiple dimmers patched to one channel, and a colour attribute which I don't need. How can I unpatch the colour? I could select the channel and change it to Generic/Dimmer but this wipes out all the patch information which I'd then need to re-enter. I suppose this also leads to the questions of how do I change the fixture type without losing all patched outputs?

"I think the software update to V10 has some good things going for it but there are a couple of things left over from V3.xx

I'm using the OLE. If these don't apply to a physical desk all that's OK, but so far I don't know how this works away from a PC.

Power Patch
Power patch has an annoying bug. Open the Power Patch window and enter something in the fixture number box and open the Fixture Select window. Now do nothing else but press enter to say OK and the Fixture Select window closes taking you back to the Power Patch. This is how it should be, you can now select start addresses etc.

Now try this; re-open the Fixture Select window and choose a fixture, anything it doesn't matter. Press enter again to say OK and the Fixture Select window closes along with the Power Patch! Clicking OK with the mouse doesn't do this, however. What this bug means is that you have to open Power Patch every time you forget to click OK with the mouse but press enter instead!!!"
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Re: Patch Questions

Post by gooze » Wed Feb 06, 2008 1:57 pm

I have some of the same issues.
You cannot unpatch individual dimmers in patch by output. [1][@][ENTER] doesn't work.

Another issue is:

The unpatch function puts deleted channels/fixtures back.
When you unpatch everything Unpatch 1>701 all the deleted channels between 1 and 701 come back.
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Re: Patch Questions

Post by GaryDouglas » Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:51 pm

Adding @0 in patch by output.

:added: FS448

Unpatching adds fixtures:

:added: FS449

Not sure how those got missed in Beta....
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