Palette looks and crossfades - react slow / delay

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Palette looks and crossfades - react slow / delay

Post by JoV » Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:56 am

Hi everyone,

A few problems from our customers:

This problem occurs on a silver classic palette / palette VL (haven ’t tried it on a Light Palette yet).
  • The software looks don’t react fast enough while doing a fade. If you put the look/submaster faders to full in a fast movement, the output and the software follows slowly after that… So there is a delay on the output and the software screen. Is this normal ?
  • While putting a palette’s playback in “split crossfader” in hardware setup, one would expect that the crossfade can be done in a time that is relative to the speed you give while doing the crossfade. Also there is a delay problem. If you do a fast crossfade from cue to cue, the output and software show a delay and also finish the crossfade after the operator finishes crossfading.
    When we then try to change a cue time to 0 to overcome this problem, it seems as if crossfading is ruled out and even when you begin a crossfade from cue to cue after that, it just snaps into the other cue.
    Split Crossfade mode should respond to the speed of the operator, not cue times and a crossfade should finish together with the operators hand movement, not after that, right ??
  • We’re using the “split crossfader” from one cue to another. First cue is loaded, we’re crossfading to the second cue that has zeroes as hard values written in the cue for the inactive channels.
    While crossfading into that second cue, we use a look submaster to manually add one or some channels that are not programmed into the second cue (and have a hard value zero in that cue)/
    You loose control over the look submaster and the crossfade playback takes over the control.
    If you’ve then crossfaded fully into cue 2, it is possible that a - normally inactive - channel, suddenly has a value and is still active, even with the look submaster down…
    If you load up that cue by using command Goto Cue 2, you see that the channel normally doesn’t have an intensity in that cue…. Strange behaviour.
Thanks for a reaction !
BARNDOOR Belgium / Holland

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Re: Palette looks and crossfades - react slow / delay

Post by RobertBell » Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:38 pm

Is this running 10.4.12?
Can you try the beta build and let us know if it's any better. Work was done on this post LDI08.
Robert Bell - Product Manager - Horizon Control Inc.

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Re: Palette looks and crossfades - react slow / delay

Post by lebh » Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:28 am

The existence of these problems, can add a manual fade option

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