Attribute Control profile for offsets/limits/etc...

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Attribute Control profile for offsets/limits/etc...

Post by IvanMunro » Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:00 pm

I think that an extra profile (let's call it control profile) which could be entered from the patch windows would be useful,
this extra profile could be used to offset, limit, and control values of all sorts of attributes
This would be an extra profile on top of the attribute profile so you would have the following layers:
(or windows with writing on as Bill Richards likes to call them)
fixture profile (type of fixture)
attribute profile (dimmercurves, colour profiles,...)
control profile (offset, limits, ....)
cues profiles (dimmer/colour timing, ....)

I'm convinced this is one way of sorting out quite some of the irritating fidgety dooda's we all come across
for instance:
-colour offset for scrollers per frame
-resetting a home position
-setting a limit on a movement
-setting a jump over (jump over the DMx value between ...&... in a certain time)

I'm not sure if this is the best way op resolving these issues, but so far it's the only one I came up with
some people seem to think the use of the control profile would cause to confusing and risky settings
but the my opinion is create “clear offset channel / all offset” buttons would be good
and you always still have the option of not using it, at least with the control profile you have the option of resolving some issues fast.

I've kind of been hassling the people at Controllux (Benelux Strand sales) and Phillips/Strand
But maybe I can get some more feedback here to haste the some more ……

Definable Home Positions

Scroller colour profile Offset
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