How to use Look Page 1 & 2 Crossfader?

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How to use Look Page 1 & 2 Crossfader?

Post by gooze » Wed Aug 19, 2009 3:52 am

What is the use of the Look Page 1& 2 Crossfader? From what I would guess, it must be a nice way to make some form of a preset on one Sub Page, then fade it in, and make a preset on the other page. But unfortunately you cannot do that, because as you switch pages the subs that are up, stay active in the other page (as indicated with an *) and so the channels must be faded down, before another preset can be made.

I came across another issue while trying this. How could you quickly populate subs with consecutive channels? My guess would be:
[1][TRU][1][6][REC][LOOK][1][TRU][1][6][Enter] But that doesn't work.

Also copying a series of looks to another subpage doesn't work the same as it does with cues. With cues, you would select the cues you want to copy (holding down the shift key and using the arrows), press copy and select the destination. This doesn't work with looks. Also using [1][TRU][1][6] in the source box doesn't work.
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