500ml version 2.15 bugs/requests

Give us your feedback on how the console operates. There is always room for improvement.
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500ml version 2.15 bugs/requests

Post by SebMas » Mon May 28, 2018 11:35 am

Thank you for this great update.
I have played with the desk on today and here is what i have noticed :

Bugs :

- shift + load is not working as the doc says :
the doc says (in the HOTKEYS page at the end of the manual) : "[SHIFT] + [LOAD] For all selected fixtures load the current output values to programmer"
1/ select a fixture and give it a color and a position with presets
2/ record it to a cuelist
3/ clear the programmer and play the cuelist
4/ select a fixture and use [SHIFT] + [LOAD] --> all the fixture parameters are loaded in the programmer with the correct preset names but dmx values are set to 0

- fixtures shows "unpatched" on external screen on some circumstance :
1/ add and patch the fixtures
2/ go to the fixture setup and remove patch and ids of some fixtures
3/ re-patch and reassign ids for the fixtures
4/ leave the setup --> the screen displays "unpatched"
5/ restart the desk --> everything is back to normality

- master fader is not deleted when the assigned cuelist is deleted :
1/ assign the cuelist 10 to a master fader
2/ delete the cuelist in the cuelist pool
3/ the master fader is still assigned to the cuelist 10 (even if cuelist is deleted)


- ability to select % or dmx values when using the keypad :
1/ select a fixture
2/ select the C (color) button
3/ click on the "red" encoder to enter a value manually (the values are using % so it can be difficult to select a special dmx value like 254)

- add a "tap sync" option for the "master fx speed"

- ability to have the "programmer" on external screen

- sacn

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Re: 500ml version 2.15 bugs/requests

Post by BobbyHarrell » Tue May 29, 2018 10:12 am

Thanks for your feedback. I have forwarded to the developer.
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Re: 500ml version 2.15 bugs/requests

Post by SebMas » Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:40 pm

here is my new report (if interested) :)

Bugs :

- 5sec delay for toolbar when no selection :
1/ clear selection
2/ push the "i" button and then wait 5 seconds for the toolbar to appear on the console screen

- "move" template master fader keeps the old one (maybe not a bug)
1/ create a template masters page
2/ go to the page 1
3/ move one of the faders --> it reacts like a "copy" instead of a "move"

- library for "robin 600e spot" contains an issue in the "control" channel (the value is set to lamp off for "blackout" so everytime we are using the "blackout" master, the machine strikes the lamp off.... :) )

Requests :

- load last show on boot :
when restarting the console, the screen is asking us to select a show to load.... we should be able to have the last show automatically reloaded or maybe a button like "reload last show ?"

- group masters priority :
1/ create 1 group with fixtures 1 thru 10
2/ create 1 group with fixtures 1 + 2
3/ assign them to masters as group masters --> 1 T 10 has priority so master 1 + 2 does not react

- ability to save effects as "presets"

- preset view auto switch
1/ select fixures
2/ push the "i" or "f" button --> to see the presets, we need to push again the "i" or "f" button on the external screen so it could be fine to see the corresponding presets when pushing the ifcb hard buttons directly

- next/last behavior
1/ clear programmer and selection
2/ push the "next" button --> it selects fixture 1 (cool)
3/ select a group
4/ push the "next" button --> it selects the first fixture of the group (cool)
5/ clear the programmmer and selection
6/ select fixture 50
7/ push the "next" button --> i would like to have the fixture 51 but nothing happens...

- fader value in lcd
when moving a master fader, is it possible to see the % value of the fader in the lcd (temporarily) instead of having to look at the value on the external screen (the value appears when moving but dissapears when stopping the movement)

- "levels view" following selection
maybe adding a button in the toolbar like "show selected" or "show active" to hide all unselected or unused fixtures

- view cue content :
need a panel to display the content of a cue even if not active like "show cuelist 3 cue 2"

- sacn :) (maybe have a look at https://www.openlighting.org/ola/ )

Doc request :
- i was not able to know the artnet version that the console generates

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