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Patching Issue

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:04 am
by Umstattd
Hello -- I'm experiencing a minor irritation when patching dimmers. Sometimes I'm correcting patching issues by turning on channels until I get the one that lights up the dimmer I want to change. Sometimes I just want to turn the dimmer off, so I patch it to zero. But most of the time, if I do this, and the channel and dimmer was on, the dimmer does not go off. I cannot patch it to any place else. When this happens, I cannot turn the dimmer off with anything except with a software restart. When I do the restart, everything is as it should be and I can repatch the dimmer to another channel. When this happens, even right clicking on the dimmer display does nothing. The display shows that it is "Unpatched", but it is still lit up until the restart.

Am I missing something??

Re: Patching Issue

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:35 am
by BobbyHarrell
Here's what I like to do. If I want to identify a dimmer...not a channel. From Live, type [Dimmer] (#) [Full]. At that point, the dimmer is at full and there is a flag bottom right, that says "Dimmers Unpatched". From here you can [Next/Last] to identify the dimmer needed. (The Command Line will identify what dimmer is on). Then can go into patch and patch as needed. When you are done, back in Live, just press [Dimmer] [Dimmer] to release all dimmers back to channel control.

FYI. In Patch there is a difference in patching a dimmer to 0 and unpatching it. Unpatching it removes it from patch as well as removes the channel from the Live display. If you patch a channel to dimmer 0, then the dimmer is unpatched to that channel but the channel will display as a dark grey channel number showing the channel in the Classic View of the Live screen even though it has no address.