report for 1.23B

Please include software version in all beta test reports
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report for 1.23B

Post by JCL » Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:43 am


I just installed the latest beta software on the 250ML (1.23B)
I hope this the correct section of the forum as I noticed it is empty for the moment.
Anyway, you'll find below my comments in green and red about the improvements and the remaining issues.

I noticed recording a sub occasionnally uses the level from the same sub master on the previous page
(recording 2-11 used levels from 1-11), I don't know if there is a relation but at was testing the inhibitve mode at this moment.

> - when a submaster is recorded with "SOLO" activated
> if you record another sub
> then the solo function from the previously recorded sub doesn't work anymore.
> (FL is displayed on the submasters section of the screen but there is no level on the output nor on the channel part of the screen)
> To have this function back you have to go in SUB and enter the EDIT menu.(until record another Sub)
This is fixed

> - in the case there is an FX in a submaster:
> start the console,
> rise the pot. of the sub with an FX in it
> then you are on step "00" , there is no level on the output and the flash key is blinking to show the FX is ready to start.
> You can then use the key to run your steps.
> after using this sub and then lower it to 0, if you use it again in the same way then the display will show step "00" but levels on the output would still these from the last step you used.
> It seems like suhtting down the console is the only to actually restart on step 00
This is fixed
But it seems the inhibitive submaster mode has the same kind of problem:
it works fine the first time you use it but then it behaves oddly, until you record it again

> - manual crossfade:
> if you start to playback your show using crossfaders, it's working fine.
> But if you press GO then you can not use the manual crossfade anymore. you have to restart the console or load cue 0 to have it back.
This is fixed

> - LOAD doesn't work when crossfaders are used
This is not fixed

I hope this will help,
Thanks for your hard work

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Re: report for 1.23B

Post by riyasathe » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:19 am

Excellent news! Thank you.

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Re: report for 1.23B

Post by Pawarnikhil » Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:53 am

Excellent share! Keep it up!

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Re: report for 1.23B

Post by sidd31 » Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:06 am

Excellent thread..!!!

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