Multi Use Channels

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Multi Use Channels

Post by NutsTM » Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:13 pm

Unpacked my 250ML today (much joy!) and I'm creating fixture profiles for my generic LED Pars. Their channel profile is DimmerRGB.

However, the dimmer channel is split into Dimmer (dmx 0-189) and Strobe (dmx 190-255). Is there currently a way to create this as I can't find it in any documentation.


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Re: Multi Use Channels

Post by BobbyHarrell » Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:05 pm

Since these are both ranges of DMX, you might want to set this as the Dimmer or Intensity channel, then build a non-linear step so that when it hits 195, it says Strobe, then the rest (196-255) is variable. This can be done in the 250ML Fixture Library Creator software on the right hand side where you would create a non-linear channel map for the Intensity parameter.
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