2 issues with inhibitive subs

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2 issues with inhibitive subs

Post by JCL » Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:28 am

Hi again,

during yesterday's test session we have identified 2 issues with inhibitive submasters that could explain some oddities experienced on recording.

First with inhibitive subs themselves:
(show sub1n1 in previous post attachment)

we have submasters recorded on various pages. including channels in sub1 on pages 23,24...)
move to sub page 1
10@@ Enter
Edit sub1-1 setting to make it inhibitive.
it works fine
switch to another page where something is recorded on the sub1 (for example chanl 25) and use the sub
back to page 1
now sub1 is controlling channel 25 instead of 10
giving a look in preview still shows the correct value we recorded (ch 10 @ FF)

I try to upload a video to youtube showing this issue but the process is quite long.

Other issue:

channel 10 is still recorded in sub1-1 , inhibitive mode on this sub.
The console has been rebooted and stayed on sub page 1 so the sub works fine.

set A LED fixture to any colour with an intensity
select and ajdust dimmer channels
record the cue
it works fine : when use the cue , channels are recorded with their level and LED fixture is coming up with the right colour.

set a LED fixture to any colour with an intensity
select and ajdust channel n°10 (currently recorded in the inhibitive 1-1)
record the cue
it doesn't work: the level recorded for channel 10 is correct and its restitution level is proportionnal to level of 1-1 as it should BUT the fixture has no intensity parameter recorded so it doenst light up when cue is restitued, also it seems that the colour parameters are well recorded (we didnot test with other parameters)

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