Still having problems with the ML250

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Still having problems with the ML250

Post by charlesondrek » Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:54 am

I received another ML250 recently to replace my malfunctioning one and I'm still having a few problems with general operations on the console, such as:

The Effect button. Still does nothing for my movers. Is there some sort of procedure that I need to follow to get this to work? The manual is pretty lite on the instructions. It seems that it should be simple but nothing is happening for me.

Using "FAN" with movers. Does nothing for me as well. Got any additional instructions on this one?

Crossfader playbacks: Entering [CUE] [#] [GO] locks out the use of the crossfaders to go from one cue to the next. Is this a bug?

Using "Groups" when recording. If I create say three separate groups for the 12 movers I'm using, make adjustments to the three groups, then record those changes to a cue or submaster, only the changes to the group last adjusted records. Another bug?

Is there a way to make the default record options for color/beamshape/position to be "fade" instead of "snap". It is very rare for me to record something that would require a snap change when brought off 0% and having to press those three buttons every time I record something is kinda annoying.

Any developments on the fixture creator? I'm still waiting on a fix to the fade/instant problem that I am having with the channel attributes and it's been a few months now.

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Re: Still having problems with the ML250

Post by BobbyHarrell » Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:02 am


Send an email with these notes to myself and Matthew Peters. I'm traveling and can't test any of this right now. But a few comments...

Playbacks and GO. Not a bug but a limitation. You can use one or the other.

Effects and Fan. This "may" be related to a fixture issue in the library. Attach your showfile to that email.

Need more info on the group issue and the fixture creator issue. Nothing is actively being worked on here.
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