250ML Beta Version 1.29b

This is beta software. Use common sense when choosing to upgrade. Proper testing has not been concluded and there is an inherent risk in using beta software. Proceed with caution.
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250ML Beta Version 1.29b

Post by BobbyHarrell » Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:11 am

Add Hold [shift]+ [home] : release all fixture attribute to default value.
Function list:
Hold [untag] + [fixture]/[Position]/[Colour]/[Beam] : release corresponding attribute.
Hold[untag] + s1----s10 ( only in fixture status) : release corresponding fixture.

Hold[fixture]/[Position]/[Colour]/[Beam] + [Home] : release and return to default value.
Hold[home] +[fixture]/[Position]/[Colour]/[Beam] : only return to default value.

Hold[shift ]+ [home]: release All fixture and all attribute. Return to default value.
Hold[shift] + s1….s10( only in fixture status) : only release corresponding Fixture attributes.
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