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Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:25 am
by BobbyHarrell
• Inhibitive Submaster Notes

o Applied levels to channels. (1 ON) Recorded Inhibitive Sub. Released Channels. Applied levels to channels (1 THRU 5 ON) Recorded Pile-On Submaster. Released Channels. Brought up Inhibitive Submaster. Brought up Pile-On Submaster. Brought down Inhibitive Submaster. Works fine.

o Yellow Bar on Inhibitive Submaster is working like it does on all other types. The problem is, an Inhibitive Submaster when it is off, is a Full. When it’s active, it’s less than full. So we need to reverse the colors so that when the Inhib Sub is at Full, it’s just the black background color. When it’s below full, now it’s in Yellow. This is the OPPOSITE of what the other sub types are doing.

o After I recorded the Inhib Sub, I went into Preview for the Inhib Sub and added a bunch of channels. (2 THRU 125 ON). Pressed LIST to update the Submaster. Exited the Sub List. Now I recorded another pile on Submaster with 1 thru 125 at full in it. Brought the new sub up to full (1 thru 125 are at full). Brought down the Inhib Sub, only channel 1 was affected. This is wrong. All channels (1 thru 125) should be affected by the Inhib Sub.

o Bump Button Intensity needs to be reversed (Inhib Sub at full (off state), Inhib Sub less than full (on state).