Release Candidate v1.2

This is beta software. Use common sense when choosing to upgrade. Proper testing has not been concluded and there is an inherent risk in using beta software. Proceed with caution.
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Release Candidate v1.2

Post by BobbyHarrell » Tue May 06, 2014 9:09 am

Attached is the release candidate v1.2.

Here is the complete list of the beta versions and the content of each beta software version. Release notes and a Manual update will accompany this release.

• Correct versioning numbers on color screen and external monitor.

• Re-recording a submaster on any page other than page 1 crashes the desk.

• Console was crashing due to attribute count issue.
• Added watchdog function. If the console crashes, it will restore the desk and clear all memory.

• Home Attribute Families individually. HOME by itself will home the selected fixtures (as it works now), if you press and hold POS + HOME, then it will home only Position. COLOR + HOME will home only Color. BEAM + HOME will home only Beam.

• The playback master should be the master for all intensities that are stored on any playback.

• Cue numbering on Programming LCD display does not match Cue List on the monitor when Cue number is greater than 125. For example Cue 126 becomes 106, Cue 132 becomes 102, Cue 171 becomes 111, Cue 198 becomes 128. This behavior repeats in the Cue 2XX range and the Cue 3XX range.

• Allow Shift + Bump to Latch Subs
• Renumbering Cues Confirmation
• Expand Console Lock Feature
• Shift Go - Pause - Shift Go again - to step back in time, Shift Go again to snap back.
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Re: Release Candidate v1.2

Post by Bhosalepriya » Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:20 am

Excellent share! Thank you!

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