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Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:51 am
by tom
I used the simple project VB that was posted here about a year back so much that i decided to upload a simple project for processing. To get those that are interested started. This project sets up a telnet connection with an OLE or console, (change ip for console). Then it has a mousePressed event that sends a command to the palette software. The command is a HC.GetCurrentSelection() which then prints the return data in the console of processing.

install processing from This setup should work on OSX as well as windows.

Start a new sketch. Save the file as "starter.pde". Then add a tab called "hc".
add to starter.pde

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//strand palette connection

void setup() {

void draw(){

void mousePressed(){
add to hc.pde

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 * SIMPLE TELNET CLIENT for horizon control (strand palette)
 * connects to port 11123
 * sends string values to println

//horizonConnect() - call to make connection
//horizonRead() - read messages from HC
//horizonWrite(s) - write string to HC, use "print(HC.*())" to query a value

import; //to setup connection
Client horizon; //declare client "horizon"

String dataIn; //return data
String dataOut =  "print(HC.GetCurrentSelectionSet(','))"; 
String endLine = "\r";
String send = dataOut + endLine;
String test;

void horizonConnect(){
  horizon = new Client(this, "", 11123); // Connect to server on port 11123
void horizonRead() {
  if (horizon.available() > 0) { // If there's incoming data from the client...
    dataIn = horizon.readString(); // ...then grab it and print it
    println(dataIn.replace("\nHC>","")); //removes new line and HC> print string
void horizonWrite(String s){
  horizon.write(s); //write line