(rfu) moteOSC BETA

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(rfu) moteOSC BETA

Post by tom » Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:47 pm

Heres a different approach to a RFU solution. It works with a helper program running somewhere on the network which takes OSC commands from an iphone or android device and sends them to the console. More on OSC Open Sound Control. It needs a OSC interface app on the device. It's also still a bit wobbly, it doesn't deal with network drop-outs very well. The benefits to OSC are it's very fast. 2 way communication is easy enough and you can get access to all the fun parts of an iphone. Multitouch, Compass and accelerometer.

I've added a layout for touchOSC. Unfortunantly thats not a free app. I'm not connected to the people who made it and wont see a cent of the hard earned money :) Pity. I will vouch its a great OSC app with a nice layout editor. I'm going to make a layout for Control(a free OSC app) but it may still take a while. You can get touchOSC for android aswel, though I'm not sure how well the layout translates.

The setup is a bit of work.
The helper program does'nt work on the console. Thats a JAVA problem. So you'll need a network with a least the console and one other computer. It could be a mac.
You need to know:
ip of the console
ip of the computer the helper program is running on
ip of the device

extract the .rar on a laptop
open the settings.txt file and edit the ip of the console and the ip of the mobile device. You can also change the ports if you need to but otherwise leave them on default. Change the Looks page to the one you want to control.

Get touchOSC
install the editor on the laptop.
Open the file moteOsc.touchosc (or the ipad version) in the editor
sync the device through the touchOSC app
In the settings on the device set the host ip (this is the ip of the computer where the helper file is running)

Run moteOsc.exe in the folder you extracted it too. If it connects with the console you'll get a small window with some information.

finally open the touchOSC layout moteOSC on the device.

It's a bit easier with an OLE setup. You'll still have to name the console ip as the ip of your laptop on the network (not

So after it costing you money and making you work I guess it has to offer something.
Its very fast. You can punch in channels as fast as you want too. There is a "@ level enter" syntax if you want but theres also fader. Punch in the fixture string and then move the fader. This fader works with absolute space meaning it will snap to where you touch it. Once your done with one channel then type the next. You dont need to press clear, thats there for typos. RemDIm deselects everything except the command line on the device and remdims that.
channels.jpg (29.79 KiB) Viewed 3924 times
Theres a page of 12 multitouch look faders. You can set the page in the settings.txt file. These faders are relative space. You can touch anywhere on the fader and then move up or down to adjust the level.
looks.jpg (30.92 KiB) Viewed 3921 times
Move fixtures with the acceloromteter. I havent had a chance to test it with a real fixture yet but it works on the OLE. Works with one fixutre at a time. Hold the device in landscape and flat. Select a fixutre and then hold the move button and tilt the device. You move the fixutres in relation to the position they are already in. In touchOSC you have to turn the accelerometer on in the settings menu.
movement.jpg (22.96 KiB) Viewed 3920 times
This is a fairly functional way of using osc with the palette. It has great potential for doing some more interesting things. I've made an interface for running projections through the console. Setting the position and size of a projection through an ipad.

I'll try make a layout for Control soon. It's based on javascript. If anyone wants to have a crack at it i can give you a list of the osc commands

In the .rar:
layout for iphone
Layout for ipad
moteOsc.app(needs terminal command, check the readme.txt)
moteOSC pack.rar
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