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(exe) picture mixer

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:49 pm
by tom
Image manipulation from the lighting console.

The application looks levels from the lighting desk (chns 1000 thru 1006) and uses the levels to manipulate images running on a laptop. The images can be scaled, positioned and faded, which can then be added to a cue or look.

Extract to laptop.
Load .spf into console or OLE
Change IP in the defaults.txt (set to by default)
Run .exe on laptop (the app wont run on the console itself/java)

Channel 1000 will blink if there is a connection established with the laptop. chn1000 is controlled by look 99 on 'Sub Page 1'.
chn 1001 : intensity
chn 1002 : X position
chn 1003 : y position
chn 1004 : scale
chn 1005 : time delay (o is no delay, 100 is very long) used to smooth out moves and fades *see cue 3
chn 1006 : picture choose (00% = 01.jpg, 01% = 02.jpg, 02% = 03.jpg) you can replace the photos in the app folder if you keep the same file names.

The resolution of movement and fading is a bit crap at the moment. Hence the smoothing channel. It's due to the fact that i can only track numbers from 0 - 100 from the intensity channels. Ideally it would be nice to have a custom fixture with levels that go far higher than 0/100 or even 255. The X and Y channels would work best with values from screen resolutions(1280 or something). 255 would be good for the intensity though. Is it possible to get a dmx value from HC.AttributeGetValue('Intensity', 1001)?

If anyone uses touchOSC (ipad/not free) I've got a layout controlling these channels. Gice me a shout if you want a full screen version to try out in a real set-up.

Re: (exe) picture mixer

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:53 am
by BrianEvans
You could use the
Generic Pixel Mapper HCI
"fixture" that is in the library.
It has quite a few attributes.

As far as resolution, you should be getting values to 3 decimal places in your returns from Palette.
All attributes fade to 3 decimal places.

Re: (exe) picture mixer

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:50 pm
by RobertBell
Neat - try what Brian suggested.