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Re: Toms projects

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:02 pm
by tom
Cool, I'll try that soon.

Heres the latests update.

Now reads bitmaps and sends the levels to the console.

Re: Toms projects

Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 6:04 pm
by tom
Screen o handy update.

This is an app i've been using on the tablet pc i have. I've managed to make it considerably more stable. Just the report funtion is still alittle wobly. So I've added the function to turn it on and off. The shutter control is used for moving fixtures that have shutters it's geared towords a situation i am in at working right now hence the wierd layout of the shutters

The grab function is to get the selected levels of the shutters and show them on the app. This is not really working yet and for some reason needs a double click. This is a problem that I've come across more than once. I use a AttributeGetValue command and it forces me to double click it before it returns a value. The only work around i'sve found is to put it under a timer but this is not so clean. Any ideas to make this respond to one click?

This is more or less the code i use to call the value.

Code: Select all

Dim s As New StringBuilder
        s.Length = 0
        s.Replace(vbTab, "")
        feedback = s.ToString
        Form1.ConCom_general.WriteString("print(HC.AttributeGetValue(" & fixture_no & ",'" & shutter & "'))")
        Label1.Text = feedback
Enter the console IP and press run, then wait for about 10 seconds. The Selection sets are based on your current selection. They are just a quick way of calling fixtures without making groups of them. The macro buttons will respond to your variables page and will trigger them in a button down sense. The Channel cotrol section is fairly self explanitory but the command line can get a bit messy sometimes.

Feedback would be greatly apprieciated.

It would be great to have the following:
HC.LoadLook('look page', 'look number')
HC.Update('lookpage','look number'')
and other updates even if they are risky.

It would save me a bit of walking back and forth to the console.

Re: Toms projects

Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 5:58 pm
by TaineGilliam
GaryDouglas wrote:
The Function will be HC.AttributeFadeCapture(...) -- same signature as HC.AttributeFade(...) Due in 10.5.14
Just today with 10.5.904 I was trying HC.AttributeFadeCapture and was having trouble.
HC.AttributeFadeCapture(1,'Color B', 0)
resulted in
Call error: [string ""]:1: attempt to call field 'AttributeFadeCapture' (a nil value)
However, HC.AttributeFade(1,'Color B', 0) worked just fine.