Information on developing for the Strand

Open Source software contributions and discussions that supplement or extend the Palette / Light Palette software
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Information on developing for the Strand

Post by MichaelJames » Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:48 pm


I am a student at Rose Bruford College, in Sidcup, Kent, England. I am studying lighting programming and also program for Windows in C# and VB.NET. I use a lot of WPF and WCF with my applications (I am developing a lighting control system as my 3rd year project).

I fond this site, and being a fan of the old 500 series, thought it was interesting. I however may have got something confused about this. Does the code developed by people like myself get used on the console?

Can I take my custom made application and install it on to the strand light palette? Or does the application run on a host computer on the network?

I am somewhat confused as to why developing for the console itself would be a good idea. I can see many problems with buggy code etc.. Would it not be better to close development off from the public and just develop everything in house?

Again, may have missed the point on this one.



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Re: Information on developing for the Strand

Post by RobertBell » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:38 pm

Possibly your confusion is founded. An explination:

This forum is for those wanting to develop or use (lets call it) third-party add-ons to the Palette s/w. These may be handy macros that can be saved as part of a show file or complete stand-alone executables that talk to the desk with some sort of protocol (typically telnet over Ethernet). I say third-pary because we (HCI) post some ourself and we're not arm's lenght. We just want to share the knowledge.

Feel free to d/l stuff from here, improve it and keep it to yourself. We'd all feel happier if you re-posted it for others to enjoy and modify as well though.

Code here is not for sale and is not part of the EULA you've entered when purchasing a desk from Strand Lighting. Also, our main code project (the Palette OS) is not Open Sourced. That is our IP and our's alone.

On the stability topic, it is highly unlikely that anything built by third parties could damage or crash our Palette OS (anything is possible though). The normal avenue for third-party applications to interact with Palette OS is via our HC.Blah() Lua commands which are all exposed in the Script side of the Macro Editor and is shipped standard with every desk Strand sells.

Hope that clears it up a bit.
Robert Bell - Product Manager - Horizon Control Inc.

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