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(Lua) - Show Report in HTML

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:12 pm
by AlanMartello
With many thanks to John and Robert, attached is palette_log.lua, a (hopefully) easy to use lua logging extension.

It supports logging as text or html (with basic formatting), optionally can include the date/time and can optionally log to the history window as well. The html can also be setup to auto-refresh in the browser.

Here is an example of the text output

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Show Description
Created at 06/20/08 18:05:40
New Theater Company
06/20/08 18:05:40 - Dress Rehearsal Start
06/20/08 18:05:42 - Cue 2  executed
06/20/08 18:05:45 - Cue 5  executed
06/20/08 18:05:46 - Dress Rehearsal End
I will post the show file after the next beta release as it is not in a format that is usable by the old software.
The lua code should work fine (although make sure you put an entire path to the log file -- this has been fixed in the next release).

Re: Lua - palette_log.lua

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 10:01 pm
by RobertBell
Very cool. I live using'%X') rather than - %X only shows the time (you don't need the date each and every time a cue is executed)

Re: Lua - palette_log.lua

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:59 pm
by JohnGrimshaw
Very nicely written code (see - I am a novice at this!).

Thanks Allan

Re: Lua - palette_log.lua

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 1:23 am
by RobertBell
My time at Tale of Two Cities on Broadway helped refine this code even more. We now have stop watches so stage management can rest a little easier. Attached is an example of a log report and the LUA code you should put in your show directory. What is not shown is the index.html page which is just a series of dates (Friday's show with link, Saturday's mat. with link etc.).

Here is a snipette of the comments in the lua file

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-- this call should not be automated - should only be called when you want to clear the logs

-- Call this before calling any other logging macros - I put it in Cue 0.5 - House to half - then follow it with StartShow()
StartTodaysLog('Tale of Two Cities')

-- This is called when house goes to half

-- This is a called in when the curtain is raised (must put in text argument)
StartAct('Act 1')

-- call as many of these as you like - only one works in succession to the other

-- last cue of the scene (might be start of another or you may want to wait for next cue to call StartScene('asdf') again
StartAct('Act 2')
-- if you want a new scene's start to end the last scene - call with true argument
LogThisCue(true) -- this can be called at any time