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Part Cue Colours

Post by Toast » Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:57 pm

This isn't an "operational" issue per se, but:

There are four cue lists: the main in A/B, nothing, but it's labelled, in C/D, a Maxedia completely auto-followed list in playback 1, and an fx list in playback 2... The background colour is set as 'default' black in all lists except Maxedia, which is blue. When we select the Maxedia list, and go back to the main list, all the backgrounds for part cues ONLY are in blue... and only the parts, not the main bit, or Part A... and when we select any other list and go back to the main list, it's back to black... Even if we change the background colour, or even move the Maxedia list to another position in the list stack, only the Maxedia cue list triggers a colour change... and it's whatever colour the Maxedia cue list is...

Thoughts :?:
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