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v10 Selective Record Question

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 5:28 am
by BillRichards

I wish to record an un modified channel intensity only into a Submaster

On 500 I would go:

Channel_List Record Sub x Ints Only.

On Palette v10 I tried:

channel_list SELECTIVE RECORD (DELTA) Look x + Ints

From the 500 series view point the fact that SELECTIVE RECORD and the DELTA seemed to be contadictory and of course I ended up with nothing in Look x ;-)

Of course the syntax I need to use would have been:


Should the SELECTIVE RECORD always DEfault to (SELECTED) and then give you the option to "Opt Out" to Delte etc if you want to.

By the same token, if I do a SELECTIVE UPDATE it seems to always takes the Selected not the Deltas.. ??

Bit confused as there does not seem to be consitancy...

Re: v10 Selective Record Question

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:54 pm
by TaineGilliam
Well Bill, to me Selective should default to Selected. But I like having the option for choosing Deltas from the selected list.


Re: v10 Selective Record Question

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:38 pm
by GaryDouglas
If you do a selective record or update , changing the type to "selected", it will not default to delta.

If the default or explicit mode is NOT "Selected" or "Delta" it defaults to Delta.

There may be a bug in update. Were you updating a look or a cue?

Re: v10 Selective Record Question

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:31 pm
by BillRichards
No it was RECORD

ie Channel_List RECORD Entity

and expecting only "channel_list" to end up in the Entity. However since it prompted with SELECTIVE RECORD (DELTAS) it did and intersect of SELECTED and DELTA, which in my case was exactly nothing. My problem is that having done a SELECTIVE RECORD the "delta" was thrown in for good measure by the command line, not by my choice ;-)

However from exactly the same point using

Channel_List UPDATE Entity

Did what I wanted. It is this contradiction that I am questioning...

ie I expect

Channel_List RECORD Entity to always be SELECTIVE, unless I make an Option of Delta'd ie not sticky not defaulting to Delta...

BTW The reason I was using RECORD for this process, is that I was always taught "Record to Make, Update (RE-REC in Galaxy Parlance) to Add-To or Change". Guess you just can't change a habit of a lifetime ;-)

Re: v10 Selective Record Question

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 5:48 pm
by GaryDouglas
I hear what you're saying --

Selective Record (Delta) should take any of the selected channels, and record their deltas to the entity (intersection). If nothing has changed in the selection, you'll get nothing.

Selective Record (Selected) should take all of the selected channels, all attributes and record them to the entity. (Equivalent to Record selected, State). You can change the record for that command to "Selected" and you'll get a live record of the selected channels.

We definitely should make a change so that if the default record mode is "Live", a selective record defaults to Selected rather than Delta. This seems a bit more intuitive for a Live selective record.

Update and record should be the same - but the merge vs. overwrite vs. create new item code may be throwing a wrench into what you're seeing. Is this possible? I agree that record is "make new" where update is "change existing". V10 changed that a little, where Update can create cues, and record can create a range. This may have also introduced strangeness.

I will be making changes to combine Update and Record into a single command, so that the behaviour matches on all fronts, and so that update is simply shorthand for "Record, merge into existing" . Right now they're in 2 different spots and I think this the source of the inconsistencies. I postponed this change for after V10, so that we can have a bit more time to test the monolithic command, since we've all been using record and Update for some time in the current form.

Regardless, can you give me a concrete command example or 2 so that I can dig deeper into the problem?