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Chasing Subs OS ver 10.8.3 on Preset Pallete is this a bug ?

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:20 pm
by peterbenner
While teaching a collegue to use our control system he managed to effect a chase across the first four submasters. While trying to clear out these subs by right clicking on the virtual subs and selecting either Delete look on the tab with the mouse or using S10 the software would hang up and crash.

3 of the 4 scenes could be deleted in by this method however the scene saved in Sub 1 caused the crash and would not delete.

This happened several times taking the same action discribed above. The long term solution was a new show file - however when ever standard scenes are saved into the subs the method of deleation as above works fine for us at this site the problem appeared to only be with this effect chase version.

Any comments gratefully recieved.