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Update Error

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:52 pm
by GerMan

I get by an updating of the software on the PaletteVL64 always following error messages on the display run through:

Moreover, the reaction of the fader is absolutely unacceptable. :cry:
It seems thus as if it came for dropouts in the processing of new values.
With the flash button an immediate reaction can be achieved partly.
However, it can just happen that the reaction occurs with a perceptible delay.

Besides, it happens once again that to itself one of three circuit boards has no function in the controlling writing desk.
Then it is enough to pull briefly the suitable USB connector, and afterwards everything functions again.
However, this is unreasonable during an live show. :o

What can I do?

ciao, Maik

Update Error

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:44 pm
by gooze
Did you restart your desk after updating? Make sure you take the power off the USB boards completely.
Maybe you need to reinstall the software again.

Re: Update Error

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:15 pm
by MattKlasmeier

The picture you displayed is not an error. When the tiles are upgraded the software goes through all of the possible tiles that may exist in a console. The tiles that are not found are skipped (reported as does not exist...).

There are several items that could be the problem. One of them could be a bad USB hub inside of the processor. The 1st three ports are one hub and the 2nd three ports are another hub. By moving the connectors around you could experiment to find out if the problem is ports 1-3 or 4-6.

Another problem could be a bad tile. If you go the the HELP menu and select HARDWARE STATUS it will bring up a list of all of the connected tiles, the software version, and how many times it has booted. If it has booted more than twice per each time it is turned on may indicate a problem.

I would also recommend loading one of the most current versions of software. The updating process has been improved to ensure that all tiles are properly updated. If you are unable to find the problem I would recommend contacting your local service center.

Re: Update Error

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:21 am
by BobbyHarrell
I would unplug all the tiles, upgrade the software to 10.8.2 and then plug in all tiles one at a time (allowing the sw to recognize each tile prior to moving on to the next tile) and see if you have better response from the console.