10.8.1 Keys not working

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10.8.1 Keys not working

Post by amoyer » Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:26 pm

Now that our summer renovations are mostly finished and we are back into rehearsals for our first show that opens tomorrow we've finally had a chance to start to put 10.8.1 to use. We've noticed in the last few days that some of the keys on the console do not work (Cue, @, Full, Out). Rebooting the console seems to fix the problem temporarily.

Yesterday it was a problem, rebooted and the keys worked fine. The console was left running but it is a problem again tonight. It doesn't appear to be a problem with just the actual buttons on the console as pressing the 'Q' key on the keyboard does nothing either. Similarly pressing the '~" key on the keyboard does nothing. Using a remote console session on a laptop connected to the console doesn't have a problem with those keys.

Not sure what the issue really is, but would love to get to the bottom of it.

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Re: 10.8.1 Keys not working

Post by GaryDouglas » Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:52 am

Please send a feedback log (Shift + S1). That may shed light on the problem.
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