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cue sheet release

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:04 pm
by jltsale
I have found a problem with cuesheet release that is, unfortunately, not consistant. I am running several cuesheets at any one time. My main cuesheet has a priority of 50. The other cuesheets that bring up specials are priority 30. The "specials" cuesheets do not have overlapping channels. CHannel 50 is only in one special cuesheet for instance. The main cuesheet has all of the channels. I have been calling a cue sequenace in one fo the special cuesheets via a macro. It sends a HC.CueListGotoAndExecuteFollows which runs a cue to bring the special up , and follows with a cue that tracks the special level but has a macro command attached to it that releases the special cuesheet with a release time. This works almost always. Sometimes the special channel either fades very loswly (like 2 minutes, perhaps the cue time in the main cuesheet, hard to tell) or fades to some new level. On the screen this new level looks like a tracked level in the main cuesheet. If I get into the main cuesheet and perform a GOTO command on the active cue, the special will goto the proper level, usually out, just as usually tracking at out. This happens one at of 100 times. Annoying.

Re: cue sheet release

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:21 pm
by RobertBell
Is the FOLLOW Immediate? Try putting in a 0.1 second so the losing guy is first - just to make sure the winning guy (higher priority) is last in.

Re: cue sheet release

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:46 am
by jltsale
The cue seq is this
the cuesheet is named 'tiger'
Q 10 channel 30 to 60% time 5
follow 10
Q11 release 'tiger' in time 5

Is the problem that the cuesheet is releaseing itself? Channel 30 tracks into Q11.

Re: cue sheet release

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:53 pm
by RobertBell
I have not worries about the cue list releasing itself.
Does the 1:100 depend on where the main cue list's current cue is? In the tracksheet, check out where channel 30 appears. Make sure it's not at a hard zero where you don't expect it.