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Dropped attribute parameter

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 2:19 am
by amoyer
We have a mirror ball motor (American DJ MB DMX) that was being used for a show and there were some problems trying to get it to work properly. When I got in the next day I discovered that the Mtr Mode (direction) had a value of 0 rather then CW or CCW and I was unable to adjust this parameter. I could change the Mtr Speed no problem but because the Mtr Mode parameter was not function the motor wouldn't work properly.

I tried unpatching the fixture and repatching it but this did not help. The only thing I didn't do was reboot the console and I'll try that tomorrow when I get in.

I did take the show file down to my laptop and loaded it up and the OLE saw the attribute correctly and I could edit it without any problems.

Anyone ever seen this before?