Palette overheat and unexpected goto

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Palette overheat and unexpected goto

Post by daaave » Thu May 15, 2008 4:43 am

Good morning everybody,

One of my customers experienced a strange behaviour with his preset palette. in the middle of his show, he pressed Go to launch the next Cue but the console jumped 5 Cues forward, he did a Goto back to the cue he expected; and tried to go on with his show but the GO seemed slower, sometimes just did not work or sometimes jumped again a few cues. He didnot try all the function of the console but the GOTO also seemed "sluggish".
You have to know that we had a very warm weekend in france, and this customer had to work without air conditionner therefore the temperature reached 34°C in the control room.

I have checked the console's hardware:
The fan are running correctly and there is no obstruction to airflow. At the moment of my visit the tempearture of the room was only 20°C and the temperature read in bios were around 45°C /48°C for Processor and system.

Has anybody ever experienced something like that?

What do you think about adjusting the thermal throttle parameter in bios to reduce the heat produced?
what about a down clock of the celeron? possible?

I am seriously thinking about adding a fan somewhere close to the "box" (or maybe directly on top of it). Sure it's gonna void all warranty of the console but...

I hope I'll find something before summer!


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Re: Palette overheat and unexpected goto

Post by JohnGrimshaw » Thu May 15, 2008 7:15 am

I had one do similar things - it was running the old 3.4.6. The problem "stuck" so it was permanently confused desk.

A reload of the software (3.4.15 at the time) cleared the problem. Not sure if that will help you though.
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