Dynamic effect "defalts"

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Dynamic effect "defalts"

Post by KarelBartak » Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:17 am

It would be useful to change "default" values for new dynamic effect (see example) for Apply from Hard Value to Add value.

On VL 64 running 10.8.3 I have moving light on some position and would like to slowly move gobo there and back. Gobo shake from fixture is too fast. So I add sine or Sawtooth Fx to Tilt just to move bit with gobo, adjust Scale to 5% and fixture disappears in curtain. Fx is not changing original value where fixture is, but put it to minimal value. When I change Apply parameter of Fx from Hard Value to Add value, I have exactly what I need and I can adjust rate too.

So far it look like good Idea to have Fx from beginning "centered" on original value of parameter where FX is applied.

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