New syntax - attribute [thru] attribute

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New syntax - attribute [thru] attribute

Post by TaineGilliam » Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:38 pm

There are times it would be really great to be able to enter values for more than one attribute at a time - think shutters. I realize one can hold multiple S-keys and roll the wheel but so far there is no command line syntax for this.

The Plus key is already reserved for Relative adjustments which are great, so how about [thru]. This is not exactly a thru operation but the key is convenient. So you might get something like:

1 [enter] [Lens some number of times] [S1-T/B shutter] [thru] [S3-L/R shutter] 25 [Enter] to run all four shutters to 25%.

It would be nice if repeated presses of the same family key did NOT clear the [thru] something like:

1 [enter] [Lens some number of times] [S1-Top shutter] [thru] [S8-Lens] [S3-Right shutter] 15 [enter] would run both Top and right shutters together.

Having the "selected" attributes "highlight" on the S-keys would be a nice touch as the command line may get too long to be easily read.

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