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macro screen, display

Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:33 pm
by jltsale
The macro screen is not wide enought to see the whole HC. command and the arguments. Could it be larger?
Is there a way to print/display/send to ascii, Cue numbers and/or variables with their macro commands? I find that it takes some time to verify macro commands.
Is there a way to find and document the instances of a variable in a show? I use variables as actual variables some times and would like to verify spelling and case along with a logic chain.
Could the cusheets be in 2 orders? I would like to see the cuesheets in my order (as it is now) and alphabetical order. I am managing about 200 cusheets and finding them is sometimes a task.
Could the cuesheet screen have a column for priority? Could the cuesheets be arranged by priority then alphbetically? (a third order)
How about a right click on the cuesheet area and choose to see all active cusheets. Any other cuesheet display needs?
Could each cuesheet channel display show only the channels that are in the cuesheet?
Could I right click on a channel and see all info about it. How many times used, what cuesheet(s) is is in, submasters ...
I'll stop.