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Make labeling of looks easier

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:01 am
by gooze
Is there a way to make the labeling of looks easier? I mean the looks that are not directly at you fingertips (under the [LOOK] or [GROUP] key.
If you don't do it immediately at the record stage or if you use the 5x5 hardkeys to record a look, the process of labeling them can be quite tedious.

(First of all there is the matter of typing the right order to get the {S12 Label} softkey at all, because if you type [LOOK][1]{S2 - Look Page}{M5 Position} the Label softkey is not there anymore)

- So you can do it the commandline way (set the Group-key to the page you are editing and press [GROUP] # {S12 Label}
- [VIEW] and the appropriate 5x5 key gives you the label (that is probably the quickest way)
- You can put yourself in the lookspage and edit the label column everytime you do a record.

But could you please reconsider (thank you RH for the great idea) to make a setting in the Show setup, that says: Prompt for label. If you check it, every time you record something you are prompted for a label. It would make lazy, but wannabe-well-organized people like me, very happy.