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Improved Network and DMX routing coming in V10.4.1

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:58 pm
by GaryDouglas
We've introduced a number of new features in in the coming 10.4.1, the most notable of which is a new screen in Patch called Patch Routing.

In previous releases it was quite difficult to configure where desk outputs are sent, and there were very minimal options.

In 10.4.1, the Patch Routing screen allows you to configure the routing of any console output to any DMX port, or Ethernet protocol available.

Patch routing will also allow for patching any Network DMX (input) channel to any output channel, including the DMX ports on the back of the desk. Inputs can be used for a number of other ourposes in 10.4 1 as well, including the Snapshot of another console's DMX into the Live or Blind display -- through our Universal Attribute Control processor. Among other things, this allows for the import of shows running on tired old hardware just by running cues and taking snapshots of the live data.

With Patch Routing It is now also possible to duplicate channels to multiple DMX ports or Network protocols, so if you need 2 runs of Universe 1 from your desk, with 10.4.1 you can easily configure routes to do it!

Please watch these forums and for news of 10.4.1's release.