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assigning colors from color pallette

Posted: Tue May 19, 2009 5:16 pm
by tomnizinski
I have built a color pallette using the color option under looks. How do I pick a color from that pallette and assign it to a LED fixture?

Re: assigning colors from color pallette

Posted: Tue May 19, 2009 5:39 pm
by JohnGrimshaw
Because the palette can have different colours for every colour mixing light, they record specific values for each light loaded into the palette.

If you want to mix a colour, then then have every colour mixing light able to get that colour (like a universal palette), then use the "Text Match" to match the colour to the library of gel filters. Once you know what the gel number is of the colour you want, you can:
- bring it up really easilly,
- see a useful number on the screen, with the colour, inside the colour bubble
- apply it to any fixture without having to prerecord the colour

Unless you need to record some kind of "rainbow" of colours, I have been recommending to users that they use the gel library as their built in colour list - becuase it makes it easier for them in the long run. The drawback of this is that "precise" matching between different source types is not going to happen - but if you are going to that level of detail, you will need to record levels for every light anyway, so use a conventional palette.

Incidently, while you "can" use the Submaster looks as colour palettes, it would be easier for you to use/recall via the actual colour palette look page (Tools and S1 thru 4 if you are not using a VL console).

By the way, we can be more specific with the help if you tell us what console hardware you are using (many people put this in their signature block), and you might get personalised help from local support if you update your profile with where is the world you are.