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Patching different ML's in a show

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:38 am
by gooze
What happens if you program a show using VL2500 spots and then save the show, open it again, patch Robe700's (or any other equivalent or better or worse light) to the same channels, make a few changes, save the show and then open again, patch Vl2500's again to the same channels?

Will there be any data lost? How does ACM behave in these cases? When are the cues changed? At the moment you do the patch or at the moment you save the show? In other words: if I make a mistake during patch and patch in a wrong model or mode of the ML, do I already loose information or not? Is it possible to do a partial import of the show (cues only) to restore or not?

The reason I ask is this. I am touring a lot and I am developing a show every time it is performed. So if similar, but not the same lights are available in different venues, what do you do? Do you keep moving forward or do we suffer from a double conversion for different moving lights?

Re: Patching different ML's in a show

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 1:34 pm
by RobertBell
If all you do is change the patch from Type A to Type B, the cues still have all the values of Type A in there. When you hit GO, it looks for a proper substitute for Type B but does NOTHING to the cue data. ONLY if you select the fixture and change its value, will the cue get Type B's hard values. Then running the cue, some attributes are still Type A and some Type B, but it all resolves in the dmx.

If you cued in Type A, changed patch to Type B, then changed back to Type A nothing would be lost or changed.

Try this:
  1. DAY 1 - File New
  2. Patch Fixture 1 as a VL1000TSD
  3. Mix a colour in CMY and position P/T and record a cue.
  4. DAY 2 - Patch Fixture 1 as Generic RGB (note - no P/T)
  5. Play back cue 1 - note the RGBs mixed to the same colour as you mixed on the VL but you can't get to P/T
  6. Change the colour a bit and update cue 1
  7. DAY 3 - Change Fixtgure 1 back to the VL1000TSD
  8. Playback cue 1
  9. Note the P/T values are still there from Day 1 and the colours have been updated from Day 2