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Cue Downtimes in Lightpalette 500 mode

Posted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:37 am
by AaronBraun
When running the desk in 500 mode, I could not locate how to enter the downtime from the command line. I am used to being able to [Record] [Cue] # (Time) 3/6 [Enter]. In the new desk running 10.3.1, this puts a 6 second delay time on the cue, not a 3 up/6 down. I have to click on the cue downtime field with the mouse to enter the downtime. Is there a setting somewhere that will change this behavior?

Re: Cue Downtimes in Lightpalette 500 mode

Posted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:53 am
by gooze
Because the time column is the same for Conventional Lights and Moving Lights, things work a little bit different as with the 500.
Since you cannot have a downtime on anything else, but intensity, but you can have a delay on everything else (pan, tilt, colour, etc), the delay and in-time share a column and the down time column is only for intensity. If this was the same as with the 500-series desk, you would get endless columns with a seperate delay column for every attribute.

The input for the timing is now:
delay [/] time. This is the same for intensity, pan/tilt, colour, etc.

If you want to specify the down-time of a cue you can enter:
[CUE][#]{S10 Time}{M2 Downtime}[#]

TIP (of the day): Always watch the bottom of the screen (as you had to watch your LED-softkeys on the 520 in the beginning), they are context-sensitive and will almost always guide you through the command line syntax.