Best way to do a wifi remote these days?

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Best way to do a wifi remote these days?

Post by gafftaper » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:43 pm

So my school district IT department freaked out about me having a "rogue network" of 2.4 ghz and took away my router! After a bunch of negotiations they have offered to let me use channel 95 in the 5ghz band. Problem is I have the old strand locked down Motorola RFU. Which I'm pretty sure is a 2.4ghz only device. Plus it's was locked down by the installer and I don't seem to even be able to adjust wifi connection settings to change the network it's trying to connect to.

There have been a lot of different discussions about apps here over the years here. But it's been a while since anyone was actively talking about them or developing them. What works best with current technology devices? I'm hoping for a solution that works on a current iPad or Android device. But if that's not possible, I'll shop around and see what I can find used.

Also does anyone know the admin password on the old Motorola RFU? Want to see if it's possible to reconfigure it to work with the 5ghz router but I'm locked out of EVERYTHING!
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Re: Best way to do a wifi remote these days?

Post by BobbyHarrell » Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:55 pm

More and more we are finding that educational institutions have IT departments that want to manage all technology in the school to protect the students.

There is the Palette iRFU that is available on the app store. The Motorola RFU is likely locked to the 2.4ghz range but there is a password (2606) that allows you to gain access to the Motorola device and all of it's settings. ... 35816?mt=8
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