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Question about using Subs and a profile to control LED Fixture

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:01 pm
by soundguy99
Hi Bobby,
First off Thanks for up dating that fixture to include the Elation LED, I was really helpful, and it was appreciated.
If we do end up buying them, were still trying to figure out the best way to control them.Either using the Profile you gave me or to run it as raw dimmers on subs, as we have done with our old fixtures.
I like the visual control and color picker option, however I am still not crazy about how they color mix on subs even with using the attribute control, look type. It still doesn`t operate like when I treat the fixture as 14 dimmers accessing it through just sub fadders, which is the way were used of doing it.
I guess that leads me to my question,
As I understand this may seem crazy and unothedox, but as a work around, is there any way of "double addressing" the same fixture, where I have both a group of 14 dimmers for example and a fixture profile, controlling the same fixture at the same address.
I understand that there could be conflicts, as the profile could say 1 thing and the subs/dimmer is telling it to do something else, however it would give you both options at any given time.
For selecting a specfic color on the fly, I could select the profile, using the color picker, or change the parameters, or on the fly mix colors of each electric, using the subs (patched as dimmers) as we have done in the past using our old lights.
Sorry for the odd question but I like the color picker and visual menus of the profile, but also like the direct control over the color mixing, that you get from patching the fixture as raw dimmer channels and using the subs.
You would get the best of both worlds that way.
Again any help is Greatly appreciated,

Re: Question about using Subs and a profile to control LED Fixture

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:44 am
by BobbyHarrell
Actually it doesn't sound that odd as it does give you the best of both worlds allowing you to pick your method. I've never tried this but believe that if you address it as a fixture, you can't patch them using the other method. However, you are welcome to try and see if you can get it to work.

Re: Question about using Subs and a profile to control LED Fixture

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:00 pm
by soundguy99
Thanks bobby,
I was just playing with it, and thats what its doing,
Everytime I try and address it it unpatches, the other fixture and vice versa.
I even trying using the routing, and universes, to see if there was a work around that way, which I am still playing with.
I understand why the console, is trying to prevent you from doing that, but in this case I want an override, as I would be choosing one method or the other, at any given situation and not both.
As a few others here have posted, typically if you didn`t have the profile, as we originally didn`t, you would have your parameters on raw channels or subs, "adding" red, green,blue, white, ect, as you would with conventional dimmers with Gels, however you loose the advantage of the color picker, for when you want a specific color.
What were trying to do, is keep that same methodology, where LX 1 Reds (Sub 1), LX 2 Reds (Sub 2), LX 3 Reds (Sub 3), LX 1 Blue (Sub 4),LX 2 Blue (Sub 5), LX 3, Blue (Sub 6). and so on, so you can grab the faders quick on the fly, treating them more like conventional dimmers, and use the profile when were doing something specific, like programing a cue for a theater show, or concert.
Just trying to find a work around, and Unfortunately that method of using the attribute control, and worrying about putting the fadders upon the fly just a little to gain control vs raw dimmers, isn`t quite the same thing.
I understand the color picker uses a subtractive color mixing technique to get its color, but by doing that, when you want to program those basic colors back into the subs to mix on fadders, it forces you to program a 0% in the other colors other than the one your working with, messing with the behavior between the subs themselves. I don`t know, if its possible to program the color picker to an additive color mixing environment, and weather or not programing it to subs would still record the 0% of the other colors, or would it ignore it, allowing those subs to treat those colors as separate raw dimmers
Anyways I will keep working on this, worse case scenario it will force us to make a decision, which way to go, either to use the color picker and profile, or treat it as raw dimmers and gain the sub mixing option. If I am using the profile option, I can use the groups and 25 keys to select what LX I want to control but it would still involve a complete learning curve compared to the way were used of doing things now.
Thanks again,

Re: Question about using Subs and a profile to control LED Fixture

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:56 pm
by BobbyHarrell
I assume you looked through everything in the tips and tricks bulletin that covers color? ... s-%236.pdf

The only other thing I can think of is to use LUA commands and build something more custom. Perhaps HTML based.

Just a thought.