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Fixture Library Requests

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 6:09 am
by JohnGrimshaw
Any sense in moving that process into this website?

I think it would be worth doing.

Re: Fixture Library Requests

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 8:45 am
by BrianEvans
I'd prefer it came in as an email to

The best route would be some kind of form a user fills out on the strand website.

Email address of requestor:
Fixture Manuf:
Fixture Name:
Preffered Mode:
Palette Version: (V3 or V10)
Fixture Manuf website:
Link to Fixture Manual:

Many times I get a request for a fixture that has a gazillion modes,
so documentation, and preffered mode are an important key to the puzzle.
Many of the main stream fixtures are done, the only ones not in the library are the 30,000
cheap Chinese knock-offs, and finding their documentation is usually impossible.

The requestor needs to provide the full manual.
DMX charts alone are in most cases insufficient,
for they don't describe things like photometrics, movement limits, etc.,
and images of gobos. Images of gobos are important for me to classiffy the gobo in the ACM.

Re: Fixture Library Requests

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:53 pm
by JohnGrimshaw
Yes - that would be a better solution. A website form.

Perhaps such a "form" could be constructed to start the work for you. If your list was the first page:
1) Email address of requestor:
2) Palette Version: (V3 or V10)
3) Fixture Manuf: (Drop down and manual entry)
4) Fixture Name: (Drop down of existing fixtures based on above selection AND Manual entry)
5) Preferred Mode: (Drop down of existing available modes based on above selection AND Manual entry)
6) Fixture Manuf website:
7) Link to Fixture Manual:
By the time they get to 5, some might work out that all they need to do is upgrade.

Then, start getting them to fill in the DMX Chart information. You still check/tweak at the end, but that would have to save you a bunch of manual entry! It would be REALLY cool if this could automatically create a temporary fixture file to download, and then email you a link - but that feature can wait a little longer.

Re: Fixture Library Requests

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 12:06 am
by Daddygeek
How about a way that the users can edit the Fixture Library?

Re: Fixture Library Requests

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 5:27 am
by JohnGrimshaw
You actually can edit libraries now. I previously asked in the beta discussion site about a simple edit to a strobe fixture that had intensity and rate reversed...
GaryDouglas wrote:1) Patch the fixture so that it lands on the DMX channels you want to use for it.
2) For instance, if the fixture is number 3 and it's on DMX 14 and 15, Patch By Output:

14 AT 3 [S4 ATTRIBUTE] [ M2 Rate]
15 AT 3 [S4 ATTRIBUTE] [ M1 Intensity]

S4 will populate as soon as you've specified the fixture number.
Using this method, you can create your own "FrankenFixture" by taking one that is pretty close, and modifying the attributes so they land in the right place.