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16:9 monitor?

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:16 pm
by gafftaper
Hi, I have a Palette VL. Mine came with a 4:3 19" monitor and I want something bigger so I can get more data on screen with less scrolling. Due to the age of the video card and software I wanted to see if there are any issues with going to a 16:9 monitor instead. Will the screen still lay out nicely if I put like a 27" 16:9 monitor on it (after adjusting the resolution appropriately of course)? Just a little concerned because there weren't a lot of 16:9 monitors out when it was a new console.

Re: 16:9 monitor?

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:05 am
by BobbyHarrell
Monitors are very different and while I don't expect you to have any issues, I would recommend that you test it out first if you can.