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2 Questions, which are driving me nuts. Please help,

Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 2:52 pm
by soundguy99
Hi Guys,
The last week and a half I have been doing dance recitals, and instead of using the MBO buttons to black out my dimmers and Movers, I tried using a Inhibitor look type, programing only the stage lights that I was using for the show, and the Macs into the fadder (Inhibitor look), allowing me to BO the stage at a moments notice, my Special, on my MC.
It worked really well, I putt all my lights that I wanted the Inhibitor slidder to affect on at full, including my movers intensity, recorder into the Look/Fadder, then changed the Look type to an Inhibitor look type.
It was working fine, until I wend to use it for my last dance recital, where I had to re-record it to add a few the lights to the fadder, how ever this time, all my dimmers worked perfectly however this time no matter what I do I can`t get the Inhibitor look, to BO my Movers Intensity. The movers Intensity is unaffected by the Inhibitor look. Some of my cues involve gobo, color and positional changes from cue to cue, so as well the BO of dimmers it was also nice to BO my movers, advance to the next cue, and have them ready to go comming out of the BO, sort of a Move in black option.
Now For what ever its not working and allowing the Movers intensity to be unaffected by the Inhibitor fadder. Don1t know what changed when it was working before.

2nd Question, as I have previously posted before but, again its happening and I have no clue why.
I have used the 5x5 Pallet keyts, on the right hand side of the console, as shortcuts, for Various things including my Movers effects, and positions ect.
I tend to create water, fire effects, or something, that some one liked from messing around with the various effects wheel in our movers and storing it in the 5x5 keys, save all of the Effect information including Intensity,Gobo, Iris, Lense and other info. I find it very during dance recitals when you only have 2 min to program a lighting effect for the dance and the director asks for something they liked last year.
Anyways All last week I was using those shortcuts and they worked fine. However my last 2 dance recitals when I went to use them they weren`t there.
The looks were there, they still had the lables I gave them, but they contained no mover information, no position no, intensity no gobo, no color, no nothing, just a blank, look.
Now I know for a fact based on that was using them only a couple days prior, that I didn`t update them to blank nor did I record over top of them.
The information, within those looks, just aren`t there, and there for I have to re-record them.
I am competly stumped why that is happening, and its driving me nuts, as some of those teachers are with me for a couple of dance and, are asking me for the same effect multiple times, and suddenly now an effect I could recall in 30 seconds the previous day, I have to tell them now, that The effect is gone, and they have to wait till the end of the rehearsal for me to re-create the effect. which after 100 dances in a rehearsal won`t happen and besides it means more time I have to spend re-programing cues.

This kind of stuff is driving me nuts, Just when I think I am building a library of effects and shortcuts, that save me time, and make things easier and faster to recall, this stuff happens and I find my self back to square one again with no idea what I am doing wrong, Doing the same thing multiple times, sometimes it works and sometimes it dosen`t, really makes it hard, especially when youre under pressure and in a time crunch.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Re: 2 Questions, which are driving me nuts. Please help,

Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 6:27 pm
by soundguy99
Sorry guys,
Bit of an update,
I came in today booted up the console, and now the the Inhibitor fader is working on my Movers like it did before.
I am not quite sure what changed, as its the same show file, and everything, however when I first booted it up yesterday, and tried to use it it didn`t work. These are the inconsistencies that are driving me nuts, with some of these things,
As for the Pallet 5x5 keys I am still missing information on it,
Crazy electronics,

Re: 2 Questions, which are driving me nuts. Please help,

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 7:51 am
by BobbyHarrell
I find that I don't really have any solutions for you here. Sorry. What I always do when I have odd things occur is to follow the path. Trace the data. Look for clues (color of data is a big one that often helps, looking in Blind is another) to try and find the source of the issue. That often helps.

There is often (although not always) a logical reason. We just have to find it.