Whats the difference between cue only mode and cue list type

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Whats the difference between cue only mode and cue list type

Post by soundguy99 » Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:52 am

I was wondering what was the difference between cue only mode in the show options tab, vs the preset mode under the cue properties - cue type, and what exactly the overlay is.
I have the cue only mode engaged but I also have it on tracking in the cue list type.
I have some really inconsistent issues happening with the console (as with my other post), that I am trying to narrow exactly what might be causing them.
For example just the other night in rehearsal, I programed 2 effects in a particular cue, 1 one a sawtooth effect to chase my cyc different colors, and the other was a balleyhoo on my movers.
I recorded the cue and no problems. I then stepped out for a few minutes, and then when my co worker and the director went to check that cue again, the movers turned on, but no ballyhoo effect, nor was listed under the running effects window, yet my cyc color scroll effect was there. I then stepped back on stage and we ran the cue, and the balleyhoo effect worked no problems. we ran it a couple more times, without updating or rerecording the cue, and twice the balleyhoo didn`t load but the rest of the times it did.Fortunately for show it did.
I apologize for my strange questions, but as I am still trying to learn the console, I am finding these inconsistency particularly when it comes to the intelligent lights, but 1 minute it works and I think i understand it, and then either myself or ,my coworker goes to use it again and it doesn`t work, and then I get questioned on it only to try and trouble shoot, and find that its working again.
Very tough to try and pinpoint exactly whats happening, or validate something new that you learned.

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Re: Whats the difference between cue only mode and cue list

Post by BobbyHarrell » Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:41 pm

I believe the types are fully documented in the manual. This may be best forwarded with direct communication on a phone call.

However, I'll be out for a few days and unavailable. Matthew Peters may be able to help here. 800.4.STRAND.
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