SMPTE in and out

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SMPTE in and out

Post by jltsale » Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:46 am

I have a show that runs on an external SMPTE code through the SMPTE interface in a rack palette. The code call cues in an enabled cuesheet. We are missing the occasional SMPTE trigger and the show does not run properly. Can I generate an internal SMPTE code with this macro command HC.SMPTEStart([''[,'30'|'30dr'|'25'|'24']][,interface]) and sync the codes? What does '[,'30'|'30dr'|'25'|'24']][,interface] refer to? Can I test the SMPTEtart command on my laptop in offline mode?
Alos, I want to upgrade to a solid state audio playback unit that would play the audio track with a synced SMPTE track. Any suggestions?

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Re: SMPTE in and out

Post by BrianEvans » Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:17 am

Hello Jim,

The method you describe works very well, but I would be suspicious of the incoming SMPTE signal.
When Palette starts missing cues, often the signal gain is too low, or even too high, being distorted.
We always recommend running SMPTE to Palette through a re-shaper such as a Brainstorm.

Palette has 16 internal time code sources, and using the macro, they start at interface 101, since interface 1 and 2 are external SMPTE from the physical card.

The macro below starts time code rolling on Internal 1, at 30 frames per second non drop (30dr is 29.997 frames per second), at 1:00:00.00

If you omit a SMPTE time and "flavor" SMPTE will just roll from current position.
Stop code

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