cyc 3 cell 3 channels

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Re: cyc 3 cell 3 channels

Post by soundguy99 » Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:36 pm

I looked at again, and the problem remains. I understand that their should only be 1 attribute per look. ( 1-Intensity 2-Red 3-Green - 4-Blue) I also can understand that once those looks are recorded they should be set to attribute control for look type. The problem being is how to select only 1 attribute at a time. any time I select any of the cyc fixtures all the attributes light up, and there no other option of only selecting Color A for example when I hit record and go to record the look.
In a moving head fixture for example when I record that into a look, I can choose to record just the color wheel attribute or effects, or gobo attribute. I can`t do that in this case, since there is no option for just recording Color A or Just color B.
Also if I can`t just select to record just color A and ignore color B and Color C, Then because their set to 100% in RGB color space, I would need to turn both the Green and Blue down to 0% so that I am only showing Red on my cyc, which would then get recorded into that look, but also it means that because of the change in levels that both Color B and C Values even now at 0% would also get recorded into that look, and take the ability to color mix using the looks.
Sorry if I am missing something and I do appreciate the help

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Re: cyc 3 cell 3 channels

Post by BobbyHarrell » Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:15 am

Here's what I do.
Patch the RGB units.
Take intensity to full.
Record sub 1.
Release all channels.
Take all red to full.
Record sub 2.
Release all channels.
Take all green to full.
Record sub 3.
Release all channels.
Take all blue to full.
Record sub 4.
Release all channels.
Set subs 2>4 to Attribute Control.
Take sub 1 to full. have to have a value in subs 2>4 for this to work. Move the all to 1%. You can now move them freely from 1% to 100% and they will not interfere with each other.
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