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Re: Question about Saving Macros to the Pallet

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:34 pm
by BobbyHarrell
and when you change pages an active sub will always remain active until taken to zero. That is critical for many users operation and shall stay that way.

Re: Question about Saving Macros to the Pallet

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:36 pm
by soundguy99
Hi Bobby,
First Off I apologize I didn`t mean to imply anything or criticize anything at all. I don`t mean to stir up anything, and I appreciate all the help you, bryan and everyone has given me.

We have been using the console for the last few years, were still fairly new to it, so we have been doing the bare basics, with allot of the programming being done from scratch, at the time of programing the show.
This may be good, however I am at the point now, in understanding how powerful the console is, and finding that were Constantly spending way too much time programming the same thing show after show. For that reason I am trying to learn and take advantages of some of the consoles other features, to try and save us time, in programming these routine things. I 'd much rather take the time when we have some down time, without the pressure of time constraints and a director, to program these specific things, especially when it comes to all those options that comes with intelligent lighting, in order simple and save us time when we are under time constraints and under the pressure of a director.

I am not quite sure how other people use the console and these features, which why I appreciate Bryan, Golight, others of course yours input and suggestions so much. I just know that as we are new to the console and still learning, Were finding that every shortcut, we are finding and trying to setup to save time and simplify things, ends up being another 5 or 10 steps to do. So as my Manager would say "were not really gaining anything by these shortcuts". So as I am trying to setup these shortcuts, and find better ways of doing things, its getting a little frustrating to hear that comment come back from my manager. As we are still fairly new to the console and all the features, maybe it is our methods and how we are trying to go about to do things, and if thats so, thats why I appreciate others comments so much.

On the topic of the active subs, and again without stirring up anything, I understand, wanting the Sub to be active, when switching between pages, In fact even I would want that in programing. Where I am a bit confused is why does the fadder still have to be in control of those dimmers after you have switched to another page. This would mean that you wouldn`t be able to program different subs on the second using the same fadders as your second page subs would cancel your subs on the first page. For example if I had a Red FOH wash on Page 1 Sub 1, and for what ever reason, page 1 was completly full (All 64 subs) and I had my LX1 Tips on Page 2 Sub 1. In this current state, if I was to program something, I would turn up my Red FOH wash to a level from Page 1 Sub 1, then switch to page 2 to get access to my LX1 Tips, Howeber I wouldn`t be able to turn up my LX 1 Tips without releasing my Red FOH wash from the previous page. Even though their both on Sub 1, but different pages. In order to get access to my LX 1 Tips on Page 2 sub 1, I would have to take Page 2 Sub 1 fadder down to zero there by releasing my Red FOH wash from page 1.

Again maybe were new to the console, and our methods or thinking is wrong, I am just trying to learn more of the consoles features to try and save us some time and effort by simplifying things. It is a theater install, and we tend to get similar shows, so were thinking that we should be able to have allot of these things pre-programmed in advance, so we can speed up and simplify our programing when building a show with the director.

I thank you, bryan, golight, and eveyone's input, and suggestions, and apologize if I offend anyone.
Thanks again,

Re: Question about Saving Macros to the Pallet

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:54 pm
by BobbyHarrell
I don't think anyone is getting offended. (I'm certainly not). I'm just saying that an active sub (even when pages have been changed) must remain the same active sub for reasons of consistency. This is typical for lighting consoles and needs to stay that way.

I've always believed that there were limits to sub pages and this is one of them. If the sub is active and you change to a different sub page, any active sub will not change to the new page until that sub is released from it's current assignment by taking it to zero.

This forum (like most forums) is a great resource and I'm also grateful that others have contributed to your questions. However sometime it's just best to pickup the phone and talk face to know what I mean.

Feel free to call if you want to talk about this. 212.795.3043. Or email so that we can schedule a time to talk.