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Hot Patch

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:06 am
by pracc
Hi Guys,
I'd like to use the 'hot patch' fixture type, however the dimmer I am using will hold dmx value infinitely when the palette is shut down.
Any suggestions how to avoid having this output running 24/7 and only when the console is on?


Re: Hot Patch

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:11 am
by BobbyHarrell
If I understand you, you want (that when the console is on) for certain outputs to be parked at full and that when the console is off, the output goes away.

First thing I do, is just assign the output the inverted profile. Now when the console is on, the output is at full. When the console is off, DMX goes away.
Second thing, is if this is a dimmer in a rack, you need to look at the "DMX Hold Time Setting" (may be called something else depending on the rack) and make sure that it is not set to "infinity". If you set it to 15 minutes, then after the console goes off, 15 minutes later, it should lose it's DMX hold.

Re: Hot Patch

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:19 pm
by pracc
You understand perfectly.

These particular dimmers don't let us change the "DMX Hold Time Setting". We've talked to the manufacturer.
Will try adding a profile, I just assumed that it would result the same as the "Hot Patch" fixture type, setting the DMX output to 100% when the console is on.
Report back shortly.

Re: Hot Patch

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:47 pm
by pracc
As suspected. The dimmer is still holding the value.

Re: Hot Patch

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:36 am
by BobbyHarrell
then it sounds like you need to turn them off before you shutdown the console. There are macros for that sort of thing.

You could have those outputs on a separate route and then turn the route on and off.
HC.OutputRouteEnable( route_number [, 'live'|'blind'|'liveblind'] )
HC.OutputRouteDisable( route_number )

or you could Park and Unpark
HC.OutputPark(output, level | 'level_percent' [, park_group])
HC.OutputUnPark(output [, park_group ] )

or you could enable and disable the outputs...
HC.OutputsEnable( true|false )
HC.OutputRelease(output )

These macros could be placed in a cue list and it could auto run when the desk starts. Then you would go to the appropriate cue before shutdown.