Hard Drive Maintence on Pallet VL

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Hard Drive Maintence on Pallet VL

Post by soundguy99 » Wed May 30, 2012 9:39 pm

Hi guys,
The stage manager and I have recently noticed our Pallet VL, bootup, and shut down as well as saving has been taking a little longer than usual. Now these are probably minor issues, but it got me thinking about maintenance of the console itself, particularly the hard Drive and the computer itself these are Windows based machines after all. Is there any things that need to be done, periodically to the computer, to keep it running smooth and fast. (ie Deragmentation, disk cleaner ect.)
We don`t do anything with explorer or note pad and those type of things as I am sure other people have. or even saving on to the external flash drive as much as we probably should do. We also tend to use only a few show files, and then just delete
the cues setup a new show and re-save.
I know this may seem like a silly question. internally however it is a PC and a Windows based one at that, so I wanted to throw this out there and see if there is anything that we should be doing that were not, to help keep the console running smooth.

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Re: Hard Drive Maintence on Pallet VL

Post by BobbyHarrell » Thu Jun 07, 2012 9:40 am

It was believed unnecessary on the XP processors as the hard drives are fairly large compared to the PaletteOS and showfile size so those maintenance utilities were not part of the control panel. However, as more people were discovered to be doing more with their desks, those utilities were added in the Vista version of the processor.

I would clean out showfiles and log files but that's shouldn't make much of a difference as they are fairly small. If it gets to become a real issue, I would recommend reimaging the hard drive.
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